Our Beautician Qualifications/training:

Graduate Specialist Beautician : College Profesional New Consult. 1992
Graduate Specialist Beautician Module II:
Christine Valmy COURSE OF BEAUTY Face and Body. 2000
Graduate Beauty Terapist:     THE BSY GROUP UK.  2016
" I was instructed to ensure combining theoretical knowledge of anatomy, skin structure, skin type analysis with the skills to perform complex facial massage combined with facial and body cosmetic device use.

Ido this job with passion, turned a hobby, with daily satisfations, both professional and emotional, and soon became a successful carrer for me.

I am proud to be an beautician and since graduation have continued to develop my knowledge understanding and skills.

Empowering patients to maintain their beauty health is important and to help achieve this I give advice including a treatment regimen according to the need of each type of skin and lifestyle "
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Daniela Sirba- beauty therapist
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