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Daniela Beauty Salon Covent Garden for him

Services and Prices for men beauty treatments

Daniela Beauty Care Clinic Prices and Services in Covent Garden inside OASIS SPORT CENTRE

Facial Treatments Time Price
Deep Cleansing Facial1.5 hours£50
Teenager Cleansing1.5 hours£40
Facial Massage30 min£20
Nourishing Facial1.5 hours£40
Facial AntiAge / Lift Expert1.5 hours£60
Facial Mary Cohr Age repair1.5 hours£70
Facial Mary Cohr Bote Lift1.5 hours£50
Facial Mary Cohr Peel&Lift1.5 hours£50
Massage TreatmentsTimePrice
Back Massage40 min£30
Full Body Massage75 min£50
 Waxing ServicesTimePrice
Chest1 hour£40
Back1 hour £40
Half Leg30 min£20
Full Legs1 hour£40
Eyebrows waxing / plucking20 min£10
Facial Treatments for men20 min£50
Under Arm15 min£15
Showing [Prices are subject to change if there is a Groupon Appointment]

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ADDRESS: 32 Endell St, London WC2H 9AG

Inside OASIS SPORT CENTRE on High Holborn

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